EaseGate™ is a Windows proxy server and gateway designed for office environment. Running on Windows environment, EaseGate™ can be used to track, manage and monitor company employees Internet activities.

    EaseGate™ is all about ease-of-use and flexibility in managing your company network. EaseGate™ Windows architecture and server-based pricing gives you the most flexibility in structuring your budget and deployment plan. You can take advantage of the following features:

    Features highlight

    Network Management

    • Internet activities tracking log - extensive log file including source IP/MAC, Destination IP/URL, byte to send/receive (per request), etc ...

    • Bundle with Squid for Windows, add transparent proxy feature to it (new)

    • Web Filtering - utilizing our transparent proxy technology, EaseGate™ can filter web access by URL (e.g. http://apple.com/iphone/*) or by keyword match within the domain name (e.g. facebook), with Shalla Blacklists (for blocking offensive Internet sites) (new)

    • Access Rules - flexible access rules that can allow/deny traffic between EaseGate™ Internal and External Network Interface

    • Real-time Activities Monitoring - a Current Activities Monitor page which let administrator monitor user activities in real-time

    • Bandwidth Throttling (i.e. traffic shaping)- limit individual bandwidth usage to avoid abuse and slowdown of network for other users

    • Data Transfer Quota - set a maximum data transfer limit for individual user

    • Proxy cache - speed up client web surfing by caching the web content in the EaseGate server (new)

    Authentication Method

    • By client IP bundle/Computer Name - EaseGate™ will identify the client IP or computer name automatically. No login from the client side is required

    • Single sign-on (proxy server and Active Directory) - client can gain access through their Active Directory credentials automatically without login

    • Browser authentication - client can login through web browser login popup before gaining access

    For common EaseGate™ topologies, please click here.

    To obtain the EaseGate™ free edition, please click here.
    Click here for a screenshot of EaseGate™ web-based Configuration Manager. We recognize that there are many areas in EaseGate™ that can be improved. Feel free to email us at easegateask1@patronsoft.com for any feedback.

EaseGate™ is a trademark of PATRONSOFT LIMITED.