Top 10 reasons to select FirstSpot®:

10) FirstSpot is in development since 2002, and it is used by more than 2000 installations worldwide since 2003.

9) Our forum is open to everyone to see. So nothing is hidden and the forum was open since year 2003. As of the time of this writing (June 2009), we have closed to 8000 posts. Feel free to visit our forum at to experience first hand how our customers take advantage of FirstSpot.

8) FirstSpot is 100% pure web-based. FirstSpot administration interface (i.e. Configuration Manger) is web-based. This architecture is more consistent between the end-users side (which is completely web-based as well, i.e. captive portal) and the administration side. The web-based Configuration Manager makes remote administration much easier.

7) Our trial version is real. We offer 30 days full features trial (with some limitations, see Rather than a trial that fools you into thinking the software is okay, our trial gives you a good idea how FirstSpot performs in the real world environment.

6) We offer 14-days money back guarantee. Even with the trial, if you find out that FirstSpot does not fit your specific requirements, we will offer full refund (for refund details, see

5) FirstSpot's performance is better. Remember to use in the client side to compare

4) FirstSpot pricing and licensing model are simple and competitive. FirstSpot pricing model is a simple server-based, unlimited clients license, with no extra feature/module fees (e.g. Operator License or credit card modules are all included) nor additional product for Traffic Shaping (FirstSpot already includes Bandwidth Throttling). We offer easy-to-understand Standard, Premium or Advanced Edition license (see Our price is quite competitive (especially in the new v6 pricing), see for our latest pricing.

3) We offer unlimited number of hardware changes. Beware some other vendors will require you to buy a new license in case you change your hardware (e.g. faulty network card). We even hear from our customer that some other software won't even allow you to change unrelated hardware like hard drive or graphic card, so ask before you buy.

2) FirstSpot is more stable than our competitors. If you have problem with other hotspot software and want to switch to FirstSpot, send us an email and we can surely help.

1) We are committed to advance the hotspot market, and continue bring customers useful and innovative features. For example, we invent Instant Keywords (since v1!) and Client Isolation (since v3). Our latest innovations are In-browser Message and Load Balancing with Failover in v6 (which we expect our competitor to copy soon. BTW, we invent the term "SMTP Roaming" which is promptly copied by our competitor). Visit our blog at often to see some of our viewpoint and rationale of FirstSpot design. Rather than doing many different things, we decide to focus our knowledge and skill in a small area, thereby give you the best-of-breed software.