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FirstSpot v8 version history

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:04 pm    
Post subject: FirstSpot v8 version history

Below are some of new v8 new features:

- email verification for Self Sign-up
- auto-login for Shopping Carts purchase
- auto-login after Self Sign-up
- improve Multiple Logins which supports user attribute like Data Transfer Quota (for normal username, FirstSpot will sum up each individual child user Data Transfer value for Quota enforcement ; for Login Once, each child user will enforce its own Data Transfer Quota)
- support Multiple Logins with Login Once user attribute
- add Multiple Logins for Shopping Cart item
- improved support for FirstSpot API regarding Multiple Logins user attribute
- improved Reporting
- Feature Search within Configuration Manager with improved UI design
- improved Blackout Period for finer selection
- Add feature "Change Password After User Next Login"
- Add "Black List" in Port Filtering
- Web Filtering
- change auto-start setting within Configuration Manager
- proxy setting (WPAD 252) support for FirstSpot DHCP server
- make Bandwidth Throttling performance more even and consistent
- Bandwidth Throttling Exception - option to bypass Bandwidth Throttling for specific URL
- add SSL, TLS SMTP support for SMTP Roaming, Email Report, and Email Notification (to make it easier to work with public SMTP server like Gmail)
- FirstSpot now work with Windows UAC (User Account Control)
- Windows 8.1 support
- Windows 2012 R2 support

v8 beta 1a - Feb 27, 14
- add web filtering block page
- improve setup so that it may alleviate Apache conf file creation problem (which prevents Apache web server from starting the first time in Windows 8 and 2012)

v8 beta 2 - Apr 17, 14
- fix FirstHop driver digital signature problem in previous beta (only has issue in 64 bit Windows)
- add support to Shalla Blacklists in Web Filtering
- add users_edit.log to record when administrator/operator edit FirstSpot user within Configuration Manager Users -> Edit. Currently only record edit actions for : Conditions to suspend this account, Bandwidth Throttling, Data Transfer Counter/ Quota
- add Interswitch WebPAY payment gateway support
- change the default Configuration Manager start menu link to http://localhost:5787/

v8 beta 2a - Apr 30, 14
- fix a problem in starting FirstSpot (updateWFList.exe) when Shalla list is enabled
- fix several problems in WebPAY
- add 3 reports
- fix the php error when generate a Reporting if the user log is empty

v8.0.0 - Jun 19, 14
- add forced disconnect option to edit user while online
- fix infobox display total data transfer quota problem
- fix WebPAY currency unit conversion issue
- add facebook integration to FirstSpot
- ISC BIND is upgraded to 9.10.0-P2
- change ISC BIND startup parameter so that it spawns 4 threads instead of 1
- Apache is upgraded to 2.2.25 (no need to recompile and replace php_curl.dll anymore as the new Apache fixes the kernel memory leaks problem)
- remove option to ask for auto-start in setup as you can now change it under Configuration Manager
- add option to show Scratch Code while typing

v8.0.1 - Jun 30, 14
- fix the problem for iOS devices that type http://logout (or to logout, there is an error message that shows that the user is not logged in, even though the logout process actually completes successfully
- fix Free Access problem unable to reset problem when Free Access Plan contains "After x minutes" user attribute
- improve Bulk Account Scratch Code generation algorithm to perform up to 200 retries in case of duplication
- fix Bulk Account Scratch Code generation problem introduced in v8 which doesn't generate new style Scratch Code. Need to set "Accept v6 style scratch code" as a workaround

v8.0.2 - Jul 21, 14
- add Scratch Code Multiple Logins support for SMS Sign-up
- FirstSpot v8 will give error if Login Option is not Scratch Code when SMS Sign-up is selected (just like v7)
- add Scratch Code and Multiple Logins support in FirstSpot API
- add startup check to see whether "routing" role is installed (mainly for Windows 2012). The command used is "netsh routing".
- add smartphone support for Facebook integration
- When using Google Chrome as client browser, sometimes it goes to another web site which interferes with FirstSpot capture the initial web site incorrectly. It is now resolved.
- fix a layout problem in the Configuration Manager -> Status page when the resolution is high

v8.0.3 - Sep 5, 14
- fix setting auto-start setting problem under Configuration Manager for Windows Vista or newer
- collect Facebook account information during login
- fix a problem for the Facebook button within FirstSpot login page if page ID is not defined
- improve WebPAY for certification and fix a minor bug on re-query
- In URL Tracking view log window, the scrollbar is placed incorrectly for Firebox/IE. It is now fixed.
- change the login page picture and default color to gray, and streamline the page code for this default change
- fix a width problem in the T&C box for the Smartphone login page when using Android phone with non-default text size
- remove from Exception Free Websites as it will intervene with Android devices captive portal detection
- fix problem when "automatic login after payment" on and user is already logged in, FirstSpot will incorrectly redirect user to the login page
- add validation check to warn user for not picking any item in Shopping Cart
- separate URL Tracking code into a different process to improve stability

v8.0.4 - Sep 23, 14
- shorten the table name FSSNITYP to 8 characters
- add Instagram social network support
- fix run-time check failure during setup for some timezone with daylight saving time (user can click ignore to continue)

v8.0.5 - Oct 27, 14
- fix an issue that prevent administrator from saving Self Sign-up Plan when Login Option is "both username/password and scratch code". This problem is introduced in v8.0.4
- fix an issue with Instagram login when Facebook is not selected
- add "netsh routing" check if Windows NAT is enabled (v8.0.2 only checks when Multiple Network Segment is enabled).
- add Weibo Social Network support
- fix issue with FirstSpot API update_usr_attributes when apply against newly created usernames (improve the username creation process for field login_cpw as well).
- update Configuration Manager -> Features Search so that it now supports Social Network category
- add code in setup that will force Windows to generate the required WAN miniport driver by starting rasman service. This will speed up and improve the first FirstSpot startup for Windows 8/2012 or above

v8.0.6 - Nov 26, 14
- increase DHCP debug log so that it is easier to troubleshoot stoppage issues
- fix problem with Extra Information Fields when using with Self Sign-up
- improve the "The web sites most visit" Reporting so that it is more resilient to corrupted urltracking csv files
- fix PHP error during report generation for monthly and yearly and if user log is empty
- fix a crash problem in setup.exe when running in some Windows (e.g. non-English version)

v8.0.7 - Feb 26, 15
- fix problem with Reporting for Multiple Logins users
- improve install msi so that FirstSpot can now install in Windows 2008 R2 Web Edition
- improve URL Tracking stability (driver crash problem) by adding a validation check and printing debug log when an abnormal situation occurs
- change the Configuration Manager shortcut to http://localhost:5787/ again as this problem resurfaces (first fixed in v8 beta 2)

v8.0.8 - Apr 30, 15
- fix issue that email field is missing in mobile version of the Signup Now page (when Email Verification is enabled)
- fix UI under Configuration Manager -> Status which hides the Reduced Functionality Mode link (for Chrome and Firefox but not IE)
- fix user logging problem when using Anonymous Mode login option.
- improve debug log Windows version description for newer Windows.

v8.0.9 - May 20, 15
- fix an Apache hang issue after paying credit card with Shopping Cart Unit "Expiry date and time" or "After x minutes/hours/days". This problem happens in Windows 2003 or above
- fix a memory leak issue in FirstSpotCore.exe when updating user table field "edate".

v8.0.10 - Jul 8, 15
- add a new option Load Balancing (Cluster Mode) which have multiple DHCP server for Load Balancing + Failover
- change Shopping Cart item "After x minutes/hours/days" behavior so that it increments the value of "expiry date and time" instead of just replacing it.
- add check and delay for PayPal auto-login to cater for PayPal IPN delay
- add FirstSpotCore.exe manifest to cater for Windows 10 OS version check
- allow for Social Network and other Login Option to coexist
- fix display problem Shopping Cart -> View (IE only)
- fix problem with FirstSpot API when changing certain user attribute (e.g. password) for online Multiple Logins users (now won't perform live update operation for Multiple Logins users)
- For Multiple Logins with Login Once users, FirstSpot won't update reserved1 field in user table during disconnect (and shutdown)
- fix UI problem which unable to display child users (Multiple Logins) under Configuration Manager -> Users
- fix "forced disconnect user so that all attributes can be modified" checkbox (Configuration Manager -> Users -> Edit) for Multiple Logins
- fix "disconnect device and re-login" screen for client when using Multiple Logins with Login Once attribute
- fix Plan UI which doesn't display the attribute "user must change the password at next login" correctly
- sync Add/Edit Plan/Users so that when Multiple Logins is enabled, FirstSpot disables the same set of attributes (the attributes list is now put in common_functions.php)
- fix firsthop driver bluescreen problem when reset Data Transfer Quota with Multiple Login users
- add validation check for FirstHop and NAT driver to prevent crash problem (related to checksum routine)
- add source port for URL Tracking (need to set config.ini parameter showSrcPort to 1, implicitly setting tracking internal to 0)
- add Google+ support for Social Network (Google+ API only works using IE9 and IE10 for IE, other browsers work fine)
- eliminate duplicated (when adding to internal driver) for Exception Free Websites domain list
- add option for using Social Network to login only (like pre-v8.0.10 behavior)
- improve the checkmark for showing social network option that is already logged in

v8.0.11 - Aug 13, 15
- fix a rare crash problem in FSRedirector.exe when shutting down FirstSpot (no loss in functionality)
- fix problem when the option "Require users to input Field x" under UI Customization is enabled
- add one more domain for Exception Free Websites while Google Plus is enabled
- new reporting behavior will use Download and Upload Data Transfer value if Total is zero.
- add password pattern check for end user change password page

v8.0.12 - Sep 15, 15
- can now change "When to reset data transfer counter" and related settings when Multiple Logins is selected.
- fix setup change port page problem : when clicking the checkbox multiple times the port will incorrectly revert to default
- improve the wordings in Configuration Manager for Facebook and Load Balancing (Cluster Mode)
- fix Facebook Login button unable to display the left-side image and link correctly in some cases.
- add routing support for Windows 10 (or when parameter _enable_routing=true is set at the end of config.ini)

v8.0.13 - Oct 23, 15
- improve comment in chgpwd_form.php
- improve comment in users.js so that it is easier to switch between default Randomize User setting for QuickAdd
- improve login page redirect performance when using slow speed remote database or when the table fsusr is large
- fix problem with Email Reporting which only email the last email address when multiple email addresses are specified
- fix bluescreen problem in firsthop driver when certain anti-virus is installed
- setup will now add DisableTaskOffload in Registry regardless of the existing network offloading capability
- add "Use Email as Username" feature for Email Verification

v8.0.14 - Nov 19, 15
- add error and terminate setup if Windows Network Connections name for selected NIC has either leading or trailing space characters
- further fix on setup change port page
- fix on FSRedirector.exe crash related to In-Browser Message and Use proxy for port 80 (http) connection

v8.0.15 - Dec 28, 15
- further stability improvement on FSRedirector.exe related to Exception Free Websites, In-Browser Message and Use proxy for port 80 (http) connection
- fix URL Tracking problem when using external third party datasource

v8.1.0 - Jan 6, 16
- Windows 10 support
- starting from this version FirstSpot no longer supports Windows XP and 2003
- remove QoS feature due to difficulties in supporting it in NDIS6
- change the setup description as FirstSpot now supports Wi-Fi card in both interfaces (including software AP mode, i.e. hostednetwork, supported in Windows 7 or later as Visitor Network Interface)
- add support for VMware paravirtualized network card VMXNET3

v8.1.1 - Feb 25, 16
- when uninstall FirstSpot and reboot, an OS level ASSERT is triggered (reproducible in partial checked build). It is due to accessing Registry entries that are deleted. FirstSpot drivers now check the Registry first before accessing it.
- remove the old Failover (Main Machine), Failover (Backup Machine) and Load Balancing options
- change the Load Balancing (Cluster Mode) maximum limit from 4 to 8
- add option to Load Balancing (Cluster Mode) to support sharing of fsusr database table
- update documentation for Failover/Load Balancing and remove obsolete options in firstspot_guide.pdf.
- add support for per user Web Filtering user attribute

v8.1.2 - Apr 8, 16
- fix problem when using VPN with our NAT (introduced in v8.1.0)
- add alert when saving in Web Filtering when the entry or category is empty
- add support for nested Shalla List categories
- FirstSpot incorrectly generates "Not enough memory..." error when the Shalla's List has no data. It is now fixed.
- When creating users using Bulk Account with Quota on, the "Data Transfer consumed since last reset" is not updated (creating user through Users tab is fine). The Bulk Account creation process has been fixed. Also, fixed on problem with max_logins field when it is NULL

v8.1.3 - Apr 21, 16
- fix firstspot_guide.pdf error in fsusr table definition
- fix a memory leak issue when repeatedly being redirected to the login page
- improve driver stability and fix a resource leak issue in URL Tracking

v8.1.4 - May 30, 16
- fix a memory leak issue for driver debug log
- add support for non-http traffic for Web Filtering and Shalla List
- fix web surfing problem after using In-Browser Message Broadcast feature
- improve security in the Configuration Manager PHP

v8.1.5 - Jun 23, 16
- fix the data transfer counter (quota) reset problem for Multiple Logins users when some users are online
- update to cater for change in

v8.1.6 - Aug 4, 16
- fix the data transfer counter (quota) reset problem (fsAPI.exe and UI) for Login Once users with Multiple Logins
- improve the SQL within php so that it better matches Multiple Logins child users
- improve the callAPI.php comment to explain the steps to call FirstSpot API through http interface
- fix a problem which default Free Access Plan is not apply correctly. The workaround is to go to Authentication Server tab and click save once
- fix a crash problem in firsthop driver (related to DNS lookup)

v8.1.7 - Oct 5, 16
- remove message related to XP/2003 and add warning for installing on Windows 2003 (or earlier) in fsi.msi
- fix fsi.msi adding components problem by changing GUID to uppercase and removing "InstallMode <> Upgrade" conditions
- change Email Verification default to "Use Email as Username"
- change default value of "Time Period for verifying email (count from Self Signup time)" to 5 minutes
- update to cater for PayPal new requirement in IPN
- fix an extra SSL warning problem with "SSL-enabled login pages" on, if user starts with a https page

v8.1.8 - Jan 19, 17
- add FirstSpot API call addLoginOnceMac to allow manually adding MAC address to existing username (with Multiple Logins and Login Once attribute set).
- improve compatibility with Dell SonicWALL Global VPN Client within our NAT driver
- fix a driver problem in the Exception Free Websites domain so that it refresh IP better (mainly for https request or dynamic IP case)
- improve Android captive portal detection

v8.1.9 - Mar 13, 17
- support live update within Configuration Manager
- fix issue with submit URL so that it won't generate browser SSL warning anymore (problem introduced in v8.1.5)
- fix issue with Configuration Manager UI as it does not set the "recurring payment" item attribute in the Shopping Cart tab when administrator "Add" a new item ("Edit" works fine)
- fix issue with PayPal Website Payments Pro Direct Payment (related to PHP curl TLS support)
- remove WorldPay and User Defined Payment from Credit Card tab as they are no longer supported

v8.1.10 - May 5, 17
- Fix issue with Bandwidth Throttling when the value is greater than a certain size
- fix UI issue for sorting function with Status tab (introduced in v8.1.9)
- fix FSRedirector.exe crash issue for incoming packet with specific pattern (Fault offset: 0x00065466), and for abnormally large incoming packet (Fault offset: 0x0008a0f8 or 0x000648c6). This problem will cause no interrupt on FirstSpot operation as FirstSpotCore.exe will restart FSRedirector.exe immediately if it is missing
- FirstSpot incorrectly records the "Data transfer consumed since last reset" under Users when using a normal username with Multiple Logins and Data Transfer counter / Quota enabled. The data transfer counter (Total Usage) in user log is fine in this case

v8.1.11 - Aug 29, 17
- revert back to the old NAT as there is a problem with the VPN support (problem is fixed in v8.1.102)

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