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FirstSpot v4 version history

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 8:31 am    
Post subject: FirstSpot v4 version history

Please note:
- A new Online License Validation mechanism has been implemented in v4. For paid and reseller license, FirstSpot will confirm the validity of the license every time it starts. If for any reason the validation fails, FirstSpot will enter into Reduced Functionality Mode. As this is a new feature, your feedback is the most welcome.
- The pricing for v4 is virtually unchanged compared to v3. For detailed pricing information, please check out .
- Customer with valid maintenance as of Dec 21, 05 (i.e. v4 beta 2 release date) is eligible for free v4 license. Otherwise, please visit to purchase an upgrade or maintenance.

v4.0.0 Beta 2 – Dec 21, 05
- change license key
- fix a intermittent login problem that crashes dispatcherservice.exe (due to internal buffer overflow)
- add Reduced Functionality Mode explanation in the Configuration Manager popup
- FirstSpot will now display the same message (after login successfully) when user access either http or https as first page
- fix a problem that entering wrong username/password won’t get redirected back to login page when using Multiple Network Segments with IP-based Session Handling.
- complete ProxyARP implementation. If administrator turns off NAT with ProxyARP turned on, he does not need to change the routing rule in the router in the next hop.
- fix oversize email crashes SMTP server problem
- fix incorrect enforcement on maximum number of recipients in SMTP server
- administrator can now enter as subnet mask in IP Block List.
- fix unable to uninstall Apache completely
- When startup with Public Network Interface disabled, FirstSpot will give the wrong error message. It is now fixed.
- FirstSpot now enables administrator to change user Print quota setting even PrinterOn option is off
- fix the problem that user cannot access the login page (via when he is logged in.
- remove the out-of-date file login.php and several datasource files
- fix several problems on Extra Information Fields
- fix self-signup creating blank user issue
- fix 2 compatibility problems for Dynamic Multiple Languages Support in PocketPC
- fix a DHCP server error which does not release the IP correctly when the free IP pool is started with only one available IP.
- fix several UI problems in the DHCP category within Configuration Manager
- fix several problems in fsset.exe on RADIUS PrinterOn attribute. Also, fsset will now skip parameter “File DSN location (.dsn file)”, “Path & filename for password offloading”, “language file location for Multiple Languages Support”

v4.0.0 Beta 2a – Feb 6, 06
- correct spelling error for config.ini parameter “ppal_cancal_return”
- fix a slight horizontal scroll bar issue within DHCP category of Configuration Manager
- Configuration Manager will keep refreshing when it is not started. It is now fixed
- fix problem with RADIUS Authentication Mode
- fix problem with PrinterOn Hotspot Printing
- fix problem with Passive Login when there is more than 1 MAC
- When administrator tries to delete an online user in Configuration Manager, FirstSpot will now refresh the user category page automatically (so that the administrator can see the updated user log)
- When the user account is disabled, it won’t get redirected to the shopping cart correctly. It is now fixed.
- Reseller license has 5 concurrent users limit. It is now fixed and change to unlimited
- change SMTP reply from 250 to 354 to ensure better compatibly
- fix the login crashes Apache issue when Session Handling is set to IP-based
- fix logout issue when Session Handling is set to IP-based
- User account is not credited correctly when paid by PayPal. It is now fixed
- fix DHCP server issues that release won’t recycle the IP (for the first case) and expiration won’t recycle the IP (for all the cases)

v4.0.0 – Feb 25, 06
- FirstSpot will generate warnings in the log file for client pass-through IP/MAC (due to incorrectly tries to timeout that IP/MAC). It is now fixed.
- Fix Exception Free Website issue when specified IP address
- Credit card payment will now update Print Quota pages correctly
- After each credit card payment, FirstSpot will now update user’s bwrmethod setting according to Plan
- fix a rare DHCP bug that will cause clients to get conflicting IP (introduced in v4 beta 2a)
- further improve DHCP performance when assigning IP (by adding a thread to periodically freeing up IP)
- The feature “Dynamic Multiple Languages Support” is incorrectly marked as only available in Advanced Edition. It is now fixed.

v4.0.1 – Mar 10, 06
- Instant Keywords username/password screen will give successful message even the username/password entered is incorrect. It is now fixed.
- Some of the user table field definitions are truncated in Chapter 5 of firstspot_guide.pdf. It is now corrected.
- fix a potential security issue related to web proxy
- fix SQL problem when “Initial air time (in minutes) for self sign-up users (blank means unlimited)” is blank.

v4.0.2 – Apr 6, 06
- FirstSpot SMTP server will now switch log file at a certain time interval and when the log file size is 10M (instead of keep writing to the same log file)
- Fix a WorldPay bug that recurring plan will only be credited the following day. FirstSpot now credits the recurring plan immediately today.
- Fix Export User Log error
- FirstSpot SMTP server will now answer a FQDN during handshake
- Fix failed payment redirection problem
- improve DHCP server randomness so that it is harder to get IP conflict
- fix a access minutes (i.e. timeleft) bug that will let user to be able to login (briefly) after the minutes credit is used up

v4.0.3 – Apr 19, 06
- improve DHCP stability
- add grace period before recycling when IP expires
- Fix SMTP server problem when sending a specific kind of email (Socket Error: 10053, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F)

v4.0.4 - Apr 20, 06
- fix a rare bug in Online License Validation which will cause the user session to get cut off at around 15 minutes (like trial version) but there will be no errors in Configuration Manager

v4.0.5 – Apr 25, 06
- fixed QoS abnormal behavior in specific kind of situation.

v4.0.6 – May 2, 06
- upgrade mod_ssl 2.8.24 and openssl to 0.9.8a in order to solve a Apache crash problem. The symptom is that with SSL turned on, a very slow client PC with constant InfoBox refresh can crash Apache.

v4.0.7 – May 4, 06
- fix a kernel memory leak problem that happens in some low-end network cards (e.g. Realtek, SiS, Dlink)

v4.0.8 – May 23, 06
- separate libeay32.dll so that BIND and SSL component will get 2 different versions. In some rare case, BIND will fail to start after the v4.0.6 SSL upgrade.

v4.0.9 – Jun 1, 06
- assign a default value to RADIUS attribute FS_AUTH_ACL so that FirstSpot will work with IAS without DLL (login/logout only)

v4.0.10 – Jun 14, 06
- add option to redirect to other SMTP server in SMTP Roaming instead of using our own SMTP server (specified in parameter IspSmtpDomain within config.ini)

v4.0.11 – Aug 14, 06
- fix a rare IP conflict error (caused by unassigned IP’s client tries to login, do ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew).
- fix upload quota counter error (in InfoBox only)
- fixed bandwidth quota counter error in InfoBox (when more than one user is logged in)
- add option for resetABW.exe to set artificial time and time buffer for comparing time interval (resetABW /? to get help)
- DispatchersService.exe will crash if the trial version license has expired. It is now fixed

v4.0.12 – Aug 29, 06
- fix unable to add Quota problem for Passive Login users (need to manually run QueryPassiveLogin.exe after edit users). Note that add user does not have this issue

v4.0.13 – Feb 14, 07
- fixed proxyARP with excluded IP problem
- fixed “no throttling is equal to global throttling setting” e.g. if you set user account throttling to ‘no throttling’, the user will experience the effect of ‘global throttling’ instead of ‘no throttling’, that’s mean it has no different between ‘no throttling’ and ‘global throttling’.
- fix PayPal compatibility with Passive Login users
- fix "new year roll over" problem when using resetABW.exe (monthly only)
- add support for IP-based Session Handling for Use IP as username and Passive Login
- fix add and edit user problem for Passive Login user when using MySQL
- Client PC using Yahoo toolbar will sometimes see garbled page after FirstSpot login. It is now fixed.

v4.0.14 – Jun 18, 07
- fix a rare unable to “forced logout” problem when using with client pass-through
- fix several issues with logout using Instant Keywords under RADIUS Authentication Mode
- URL Tracking under RADIUS Authentication Mode has some fields being blank. It is now fixed.
- fix unable to edit ODBC settings for Standard Edition
- fix disconnect User (Use MAC as username type) in Status category of Configuration Manager problem
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