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FirstSpot v7 version history

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:18 pm    
Post subject: FirstSpot v7 version history

Please note:
- Customer with valid maintenance as of Sep 23, 11 (i.e. v7 public release date) is eligible for free v7 license. Otherwise, please visit to purchase an upgrade or renew the maintenance.
- Note that FirstSpot setup will now support upgrade (rather than reinstall) if only the 3rd digit of the version number change (e.g. v7.0.2 -> v7.0.3). Refer to chapter 5 of firstspot_guide.pdf for upgrade instruction.

v7.0.0 – Aug 29, 11 (private release)
- add option to customize login page (e.g. font, background color) under UI Customization
- fix Google Checkout as now it requires https callback
- Sometimes after setup and FirstSpot startup, FirstSpot will prompt user to reboot. It is now fixed.
- Fix intermittent blue screen issue during setup in firsthop.sys driver (because we release MiniportCountLock twice, reproduce in p4/3G machine)
- Fix blue screen problem for newly install, step to reproduce : setup, change Visitor Network Interface IP, start, and then stop (reproduce in i3, Windows 2008/R2)
- iPhone style login page
- Fix a problem In-Browser Message which prevents iPhone/iPad/Android Youtube from viewing video correctly

v7.0.1 – Sep 9, 11 (private release)
- setup can now upgrade 64bit driver
- initial simplified Chinese version support
- fix spelling error in file reprotTemplateMail.eml (should be reportTemplateMail.eml)
- skip DNS lookup check during startup whether Internet Network Interface is Microsoft Loopback Adapter

v7.0.2 – Sep 23, 11
- fix below SQL error when accessing Authentication Server tab and using MySQL as backend:

exec(): SQL error: [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.5.15]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '*) as availablesc from fsusr WHERE reserved1 is NULL AND (MACasUsr='N' OR MACasU' at line 1, SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in C:\Program Files\FirstSpot\authserv\common_functions.php on line 380 Warning: odbc_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:\Program Files\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\c_Auth.php on line 732

- fix issue in Login Once user attribute for some type of client MAC address
- expand Operators sub-categories to make it visible
- option to skip redirect page (set 0 in redirect delay)
- fix compatibility issue with HP Touchpad

v7.0.3 – Nov 9, 11
- When In-Browser Message is turned on (default) and Disconnect Reminder is on (default), improve performance for the case when Disconnect Reminder is not yet at the trigger point
- Fix issue that IP Block List with Anonymous Option won’t work under trial license.
- Fix error : Fail to start Named BIND DNS Server. Please refer to Windows System Error Code 0x41D (usually happens for older Windows XP/2003 and with the VC runtime that has not been updated)
- When https as the initially requested page (e.g., FirstSpot will mistakenly add a question mark at the end. It is now fixed.
- change maximum number of Operators to 30 (from 10)
- fix error under Authentication Server tab:

Warning: odbc_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:\Program Files (x86)\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\c_Auth.php on line 732

This SQL is used for SMS sign-up only. FirstSpot will now only trigger this error when SMS sign-up is enabled.

- Bulk Account creation can now set the same password for all users
- Fix FirstSpot NAT’s Port Forwarding crash problem
- Add attribute for FSAPI's update_usr_attributes function (can now change password)
- Add Blackout Period feature (under Dispatcher (Main))
- Adjust Configuration Manager for IE9
- support skip adding route (_skip_1111_route=true in [misc] section of config.ini). Windows 2008 R2 will skip adding route by default. Symptoms include “restartFSRedirector: Fail to lookup IP Address using DNS Server” or client unable to ping Visitor Network Interface IP after FirstSpot is started
- FSSet.exe now support Login Page’s Background image and Style
- further improve Google Checkout fix
- Fix the problem that user can not redirect to original page when using RADIUS Authentication Mode with Acc_Start and Acc_FSLogin not set under trial license
- Fix the problem that Infobox keep on display “Loading” message during using RADIUS Authentication Mode

v7.0.4 – Jan 6, 12
- Fix the problem that iPhone view cannot click any input field if set Login page picture with web link
- add “Driver Hotfix” option in setup
- Fix the problem that “Show Extra Information” button not work in Firefox 5
- When using RADIUS authentication without using DLL, use Global Setting as Data Transfer counter default value. This will make the Status page to show data download and upload (assuming default value for the Global Setting).
- Improve Custom “Background image” (select option base on filename = *_stick.jpg)
- Implement “Allow multiple logins” feature for username/password and scratch code login option
- Implement “Allow multiple logins for each RADIUS user” feature
- Fix the problem that FirstSpotCore.exe may crash when login once user’s name is too long
- infobox won’t be display “shopping cart link” and “change password link” during RADIUS authentication
- Minor improvement on InfoBox for Free Access user
- Minor improve of FSAPI's addUser function (macmap = null, 0, 1, 2)
- Improve import database table from the Configuration Manager (now it will show an error)
- change the database tables structure (e.g. Add column, size of name field (from 40 to 80))

v7.0.5 – Jan 30, 12
- Change Passive Login / Login Once Users maximum limit from 1000 to 5000
- add total data transfer for user search
- fix a problem in email report
- fix a bug that introduced in 7.0.4 which prevents administrator from adding “Use MAC/IP as username” user.
- When “Logout automatically when Infobox is closed” is enabled, FirstSpot now won’t incorrectly disconnect mobile clients like iPhone or iPad
- fix a problem that under Plan, the Free Access field is incorrectly display as Yes (even if it is No).

v7.0.6 – Mar 5, 12
- improve QueryPassiveLogin performance (implement per user update (add or remove action))
- modify SMS Sign-up feature so that administrator can enter SMS email gateway with an ‘@’ sign (i.e. FirstSpot won’t automatically add the ‘@’ sign in the front anymore)
- fix the below report generation error when the user log has blank row (maybe due to corruption):

Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 71
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 72
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 73
Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 73
Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 73
Notice: Undefined offset: 4 in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 73
Warning: mktime() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in C:\FirstSpot\cfgmgr\reportResult.php on line 73

- add special check that if Login Once and Passive Login users has the same MAC address, Passive Login user will supersede Login Once user.
- improve reminder for iPhone style login page. Now it tells users to make sure their Safari cookies setting is “From visited”.
- fix problem when using accented characters for Slip Title and Ending (under Bulk Account and Users -> QuickAdd).
- fix an issue with Shopping Carts that not correctly updating user attributes after purchase (doesn’t apply to PayPal).
- improve SMS Sign-up so that it records the mobile phone number in Extra Information Field 10 (optional)
- improve SMS Sign-up so that it records the client IP or MAC in field signupmac (depend on Session Handling setting)
- fix an issue with the Blackout Period feature

v7.0.7 – May 11, 12
- fix fistspot_guide.pdf SMS email gateway description to reflect the change made in v7.0.6
- improve Shopping Cart tab wording and layout
- improve Self Sign-up initialization mechanism so that it gives more Plan sample to cater for different kinds of Shopping Cart items (apply to new install but not upgrade)
- fix issue with Multiple Logins (username/password, scratch code) when setting “Use Global Setting” at Enable Data Transfer Counter
- improve security for FirstSpot login mechanism
- add integrity check to prevent IP Block List from blocking Internet Network Interface IP (which causes initial https access to fail)
- add integrity check for URL Tracking when timestamp is not correct (which causes v7.0.5 FirstSpotCore.exe to crash at fault address 0x000333b9)
- FirstSpot won’t move urltracking_[timestamp].csv to FirstSpot\log\archive directory even after FirstSpot restart or file size exceeds 10MB. It is now fixed.
- add tracert support for FirstSpot NAT
- add support for equal sign ‘=’ for the Free Links (in Free Website section) in the login page
- remove the character g and q from CAPTCHA since it is quite ambiguous
- improve the tmpurl.dbf cleanup mechanism during FirstSpot startup. FirstSpot will now use a blank tmpurl.dbf (buptmpurl.dbf) to replace the tmpurl.dbf during startup.

v7.0.8 – Jun 19, 12
- improve email report feature so that it supports more than one recipients
- improve iPhone/iPad (iOS) so that FirstSpot now works with Captive Network Support
- implement Dual Internet Connection
- comment out “” from Exception Free Websites list so that Windows 7 client will now see message “Additional log on information may be required. Click to open your browser”. (But Windows Vista client will now see “Access: Local only”)

v7.0.9 – Jul 12, 12
- For newer version of Firefox and Chrome, fix an issue with Plan that when user click on the Plan, the details won’t show correctly
- For Extra Information Fields window popup, if the user didn’t define any Extra Information Fields, and then click save, he will see PHP warning “Undefined variable”
- Fix an issue in Report that “the number of unique users” won’t report correctly for Anonymous Option
- Fix the problem that “QuickAdd” does not work in newer version of Firefox and Chrome
- Fix a problem for Report that it won’t display data for July correctly

v7.0.10 – Oct 17, 12
- support optimized login page for Android devices
- fix API problem when issuing update_usr_attributes for edate
- fix problem in the change password feature within InfoBox for multi-login users.
- fix issue with iPad for iOS6 when using iOS Captive Portal Support to login. User will see a blank screen with the Cancel button (instead of the screen with the text “Success” and with the Done button.

v7.0.11 – Nov 29, 12
- fix SMTP roaming problem when an Outlook client with SMTP authentication set. Note that FirstSpot SMTP Roaming can support ISP SMTP with or without authentication in this case.
- improve the randomized user QuickAdd feature. FirstSpot will now retry if username is duplicated.
- change NAT default setting to FirstSpot NAT for Windows 2008
- fix problem with Blackout Period for some specific timezone. In some cases, user will still be able to login even if Black Period is in effect.
- fix problem with memory limit for ‘Report’ function. The memory limit is not enough for processing large amount of user record data.
- fix problem with Add user with "conditions to suspend this account" “at a specific date and time”, the date will save incorrectly. This problem is introduced in v7.0.10
- improve Edit user with "conditions to suspend this account" “at a specific date and time”. If date format 1-1-2012, it will still save correctly.

v7.0.12 – Aug 5, 13
- improve the reminder for iPhone/Android login page since the smartphone login page is now shared by both iPhone and Android starting from v7.0.10.
- fix plaintext password does not work in trial version
- Fix Bulk Account as it does not handle set “Restricted Account” user attribute (even the Plan’s Restricted Account” has been set to “Yes”)
- Restricted Account setting will not be set back to default setting on creating new Plan or new User after it has been changed once

v7.1.0 – Aug 15, 13
[For existing v7 customers that are using older version of v7, please download and upgrade to v7.0.12 instead.]
- fix issue with NAT driver
~ Patronsoft Limited ~
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