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FirstSpot v3 version history

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:38 am    
Post subject: FirstSpot v3 version history

Please note the followings:
- You can download the trial version at

- You have to uninstall your previously installed FirstSpot v3 beta first before running the setup. There is a bug in the setup program that gives the wrong error message "Some of the files are missing. Please extract all the setup files to a separate directory before launching FirstSpot setup" if you already have a FirstSpot installed in your PC.

- For pricing information, please visit

- For FirstSpot customers with v3 beta license key, the license key has changed. Contact us for a v3 compatible license key.

Bug fixes/enhancements (fixed in beta 2) over beta 1:
- change license key
- add FirstSpot setting export/import utility (fsset.exe)
- upgrade to Apache 1.3.31/PHP 4.3.9/mod_SSL 2.8.19/OpenSSL 0.9.7d
- include curl dll for PHP
- upgrade to Bind 9.3
- solve a PHP error when using Instant Keyword “infobox” after entering username/password
- When shutdown and need to force out users, FirstSpot will now have better tolerance on corrupted database tables
- Improve Scenario 2 : Distributed Network Topologies experience when the SQL is placed in a WAN environment
- add ability to edit Plan and fix delete Plan bug
- fix the problem “FirstSpot(TM) -- Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files\FirstSpot\authserv\fsauth.dll failed to register. HRESULT - 2147024770.” during setup
- bulk account creation utility will archive the old bulkuser.csv (if it exists) during account creation
- fix SQL Server compatibility problem by changing table ppay column “plan” to “pname”
- fix anonymous mode user log corruption problem
- fix anonymous mode incompatibility problem with MySQL
- fix a rare problem that user log is not displayed correctly in Status tab and user log for MAC address with a specific pattern
- fix password offloading problem
- remove IP and update IP in AllowedHostsIPs.txt file (default Exception Free Websites IP)
- add option to set DHCP leased time
- fix problem that when a newly created user is set to "Account is active: At the user's first login" and "suspend 5 days after it has been active" (example), the first time login will fail (will be okay if login again)
- fix Show InfoBox option error
- fix upload login page pic error
- add option to disable redirecting to shopping cart if login fails
- correct the php error that when user clicks Checkout without selecting any item in the shopping cart
- pre-define several sample Plans in the datasource
- correct the problem that Configuration Manager won’t display error message (need to check error.log file directly) if FirstSpot fails to start

Bug fixes/enhancements (fixed in 3.0.0 final release) over beta 2:
- change license key
- Further improve performance for accessing remote ODBC datasource (e.g. Scenario 2 : Distributed Network Topologies).
- fix a problem that when using Instant Keywords logout and type the wrong password, FirstSpot will display several PHP errors
- When FirstSpot is already installed, running setup.msi again will give the wrong error message “Some of the files are missing. Please extract all the setup files to a separate directory before launching FirstSpot setup”. It should give option to uninstall FirstSpot instead. It is now corrected.
- fix problem for using client pass-through (only happens in trial version)
- fix a rare problem that will give a PHP error when exporting user log for MAC address with a specific pattern
- Add reseller demo mode for offline operation
- improve auto-startup performance
- fix more problem when a newly created user is set to "Account is active: At the user's first login"
- Configuration Manager will now hide “official” Exception Free Websites
- administrator can now use Configuration Manager to delete or disconnect multiple users
- fix a DHCP server bug in Multiple Network Segments which it will hand out a wrong subnet mask if the FirstSpot Private Network Interface subnet mask is different than the hotspot subnet mask
- In Configuration Manager, deleting item from a list (e.g. client pass-through) should require a user to press delete and save button (instead of just the delete button). It is now fixed.
- fix more problem on password offloading
- fix a intermittent Apache crash problem when the InfoBox got refreshed (only if using remote datasource)
- fix a php error in login page when there are more than 5 concurrent logins (in paid version only)
- RADIUS problem:
i) fixed info.php showed user disconnected after successful login under
RADIUS authentication
ii) fixed trialmode.dll intermittent crash under RADIUS authentication
iii) fixed timeout Write Database failure under RADIUS authentication

v3.0.1 - Nov 30, 04
- change InfoBox date format to “Month Day, Year”
- fix the unable to add air time intermittent problem when using PayPal
- fix Instant Keyword “logout” issue when using Password Offloading

v3.0.2 – Dec 9, 04
- fix unable to change Static DHCP listing file location problem
- fix user account activation problem when using daylight saving time
- change the minimum limit on Bandwidth Throttling from 20 to 2

v3.0.3 – Dec 29, 04
- delete the sentence regarding removing non-TCP/IP protocol in readme.rtf. It is no longer applicable
- fix unable to obtain IP intermittent problem on static DHCP mode
- fix html warning when adding 2 items in a list (e.g. Multiple Network Segments)
- fix unable to delete user issue in Configuration Manager when 2 users with the same username but with different case.
- fix a potential denial-of-service problem when the client PC (which has not logged in) has peer-to-peer software or spyware.
- fix bandwidth throttling problem on upload (for card like 3com, Intel, etc...)
- further improve bandwidth throttling performance when the value is small (e.g. 4)

v3.0.4 – Jan 6, 05
- change suspend account condition “x days after it has been active” to “x minutes” (need to change table definition)

v3.1.0 – Jan 28, 05
- change license key
- add data transfer counting for upload traffic
- fix paypal 302 redirection problem, fopensock does not accept incoming redirection request. Therefore, Firstspot does not update paid user’s account. Using Curl library functions fixes this problem and it also has better error handling.
- enhanced fs_login.php to redirect correct login page to each Multiple Network Segment, even if the customized page fail_url is not properly set.
- delete an extra erroneous control character at the end of the edate field (table fsusr) if user is created with condition to suspend after x minutes (after 1 login, the edate field will be filled in by FirstSpot)
- fix a potential corruption problem on firstspot_drv_bootup.log. Also, add a parameter _disable_bootup_log (DWORD) in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DispatcherService of Registry to optionally disable the creation of this logfile (a value of 1 will disable the creation, other value or this parameter does not exist FirstSpot will create firstspot_drv_bootup.log during Windows bootup)
- fix driver only drops DoS packets from hard wired port 5788 rather than dynamically changes it with the authentication port. (bug introduced in 3.0.3)

v3.1.1 – Mar 1, 05
- improve readme.rtf description on browser support
- fix a rare driver crash problem (happens with slow machine and high network traffic) because of calling PrintPacket function after NdisMIndicateReceivePacket function which has held the ownership of the packet descriptor (for card like 3com, Intel, etc...).
- fix several upload traffic data transfer problems introduced in 3.1.0
- fix import problem on field the suspend account condition after “x minutes” (introduced in 3.0.4)
- fix import problem on field pay_date in ppal table. The function treated comma in the pay_date field as a delimiter (01:19:46 Feb 02, 2005 PST), that caused the table to place data into the incorrect table fields.

v3.1.2 – Apr 19, 05
- Paypal and Worldpay now update BWQUOTAUL and BWCOUNTUL fields for successfully signed up user.
- Paypal and Worldpay now accumulate BWQUOTAUL and BWQUOTA for recurring or repeat payments.
- Fixed several bugs for wpay_callback.php when receiving callback data.
- FirstSpot now dump the license.key binary if it is invalid (for easier diagnosis)
- Fixed bug on user_status.php which did not parse string token correctly. We now use explode() instead of strtok()
- FirstSpot now blocks SMB packets (file sharing) before login
- Fixed Win98 cannot access FirstSpot server share drive by using \\firstspot_machine_name notation (because of boardcast mechanism)

v3.1.3 – May 11, 05
- Password Offloading now works with end-user change password mechanism and bulk account creation
- Auto refresh login_form.php to prevent loss of session cookies (garbage collection of PHP)
- change the default focus of the login page to username
- fix unable to logout user (e.g. if quota limit exceeds) when using RADIUS Authentication Mode

v3.1.4 – Aug 8, 05
- add print log and fix the problem which cannot reset with more than 50 users for resetABW.exe.
- paypal moved images to, changed in exception free website and cart.php
~ Patronsoft Limited ~
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