Welcome to PatronSoft FirstSpot® v8.1.5 trial request page!

Please use the below link to download the latest FirstSpot version:


* Existing FirstSpot customers that are running v8.0.x and want to upgrade without uninstall/reinstall, please download v8.0.15 here

• After you unzip all the files to a directory, run setup.exe to install FirstSpot®. You might want to check out readme.rtf and firstspot_guide.pdf within the zip file for documentation. You can also view the latest version history regarding FirstSpot® v8 here.

• If you are using Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 2008 R2, and you encounter driver signature problem, (symptoms include : a yellow exclamation mark for our Patronsoft FirstHop and Patronsoft NAT driver in the Device Manager, double-click on our driver Windows will state that there is a driver signature issue; or when you start FirstSpot, you will see error Visitor Network Interface Card did not bind the PatronSoft FirstHop Driver, or some of the following services failed to start: rasman, lmhosts, netman. Please reboot Windows and start FirstSpot again [may need to do this multiple times]), make sure you apply Windows patch 3033929. You can download the patch from Microsoft web site and simply enable Windows update (this patch is classified as "Important").

Stability guarantee : Due to concerns arise from a competitor product stability, alternatively we decide to offer a full-feature version of FirstSpot® (with shorter expired time period) which is suitable for testing in real-life deployment. Please email us at firstspot@patronsoft.com for details.

• Older FirstSpot versions (v1-v5) are no longer supported nor offered. Please upgrade by renewing your maintenance or by purchasing an upgrade.

• For existing customers that want to obtain the old FirstSpot® v6/7, please send us an email to firstspot@patronsoft.com.

• Uninstall guide : To remove FirstSpot®, either you go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, select FirstSpot® and click Uninstall, or you go to Windows start menu / start screen, select FirstSpot® group and click "Uninstall FirstSpot" (In some cases, you might need to right click and select Run as administrator)