• What is Patron?
  • Patron literally means regular customer in Middle English (i.e. English in use from the 12th to 15th centuries). Maintaining customer relationship was an important concept back then. With intense competition in today's economy, we understand the importance of maintaining customer relationship. Our company name reflects our philosophy of doing business.

  • Why PatronSoft?
  • PatronSoft is the developer of FirstSpot® Wi-Fi Hotspot Management software. We recognize there is a need for an economical, user-friendly and ubiquitous way to secure and track Wi-Fi Hotspot activities. With Web and Windows-based architecture plus affordable pricing, FirstSpot® is designed to make it much easier for people to setup Hotspot and visitor-based networks. We strongly believe that our FirstSpot® technology is a key enabler for widespread Wi-Fi Hotspot adoption.

    Founded by veteran IT professionals with strong technology background, we believe the best way to extract the most value from technology investment is to be excellent in technology itself, a simple fact that seems to be forgotten by a lot of companies. Instead of doing multiple things and spreading ourselves too much, we develop expertise on our focused areas (i.e. wireless and security). We ensure all our consultants are well trained, qualified, and knowledgeable in applying the latest technology to create the most value for your business. At PatronSoft, helping your business to meet the challenge is our everyday business.

    PatronSoft is a member of the Hong Kong Government sponsored Incu-Tech program, which is reserved for company with a sound R&D effort. You can click here for more information. PatronSoft is currently privately held, and we are profitable since year 2004.