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  • Wi-Fi Hotspot management software customization
  • If you are ISP, WISP, Kiosks or PC motherboard manufacturers planning to include Wi-Fi hotspot features into your solution, we are ready to help. Our product FirstSpot® is used by customers around the world. We can customize FirstSpot® (e.g. OEM) to suit your need and help you to broaden your offerings at a competitive cost.

    For more information on FirstSpot®, please visit our FirstSpot® product page.


  • FirstSpot® Support Services
  • FirstSpot® Support Services is aimed at ensuring our FirstSpot® customers' Wi-Fi Hotspots operating smoothly. Check out maintenance option under our buy page for details.


  • Windows Network Driver (NDIS) Programming
  • Our flagship product FirstSpot® is built using Windows NDIS driver. We have extensive experience in building production level NDIS driver. Networking and Security software vendors plus networking hardware manufacturers are welcome to contact us for their driver needs.