FirstSpot® Partner Program

Patronsoft is a fast growing Wi-Fi hotspot management software company. Our flagship product - FirstSpot® - the number one hotspot management solution running on Windows platforms - has been deployed around the world - from the US and Latin America, to Europe and the Middle East, and to Asia & the Oceania regions.

Our market position is clear and vivid - supplying a hotspot management software that is owner-and-user centric: no difficult OS to setup; no proprietary hardware to get locked in; pleasant end-user experience; second-to-none customizability; feature-rich while aggressively priced.

Our Partner Program includes two levels - the Silver Level and the Gold Level. Click here to see the details of our Partner Program.


Our Resale Partners.

"Attractive price points and new technology will lead the WiFi or public wireless local area network beyond the hype to commercialization"
- the research agency Ovum