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Today is an important day for Patronsoft. After more thanĀ a year of development, we unveil our latest product EaseGate. EaseGate is a proxy server and gateway designed for office environment. Be sure to check out the EaseGate home page at

One of a more casual (but accurate) way to evaluate a new OS is the adaptation rate for our staffs. Using this measurement, Windows 7 is a clear winner especially comparing to Vista. Instead of dragging out the deployment like Vista, most of our staffs switch to Windows 7 (for their personal PCs) soon after the late November release. While there are numerous “pre-downgrade” options for new PC after the Vista release, almost none can be found this time around for Windows 7.

There are many articles and comparisons in the Internet about Windows 7 so we won’t bother to do a detailed analysis. But the single most important advantageĀ in our experience for Windows 7 is that it is less intrusive. By loading faster, less icon on the desktop, fewer UAC prompts, etc… Windows 7 is doing what a good OS supposed to do : perform solid function in the background without bothering the end users.

BTW, considering the popularity of Windows 7. FirstSpot will support Windows 7 in a timely fashion. FirstSpot v6.0.5 update will be fully compatible with Windows 7 (which should be available by the time you see this post).