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In the past (before FirstSpot v6), the only way to communicate from Hotspot operator to client is through our InfoBox popup which utilizes browser popup technology (in a nutshell it uses JavaScript method named . We include a way to push message to the client within InfoBox popup (we can this feature “Announcement”).

Due to the increase popularity of browser anti-popup and smartphone client like iPhone/Windows Mobile (which usually doesn’t offer complete JavaScript support), we feel the need to invent a new way for this kind of communication. Our solution is In-Browser Message which is included in the latest v6. In essence, FirstSpot inserts a small overlay at the top of the browsing page. Extreme care has been taken to ensure that it will not affect the normal browsing experience. In fact, FirstSpot only turns on In-Browser Message -> disconnect reminder as default. FirstSpot operators are encourage to experiment with other types of In-Browser Message (We will include a new type called “Top Banner Mode” in the upcoming v6.0.2 update).