Common FirstSpot® Network Topologies

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Scenario 1:
Simple Network Topology

In this scenario, all the WLAN APs and the client devices will be in a single network segment. There will be no routers between the client device and FirstSpot®.

Usage examples: an independent coffee shop, guest access for corporation.


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Scenario 2:
Distributed Network Topology

There will be one FirstSpot® in each "site" in this scenario. The account can roam among different sites and several FirstSpot® can share the user account settings. Starting from v6, FirstSpot® supports Distributed Network Topologies with centralized ODBC datasource.

Usage examples: Chained stores / cafes in different hotspot locations


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Scenario 3:
Centralized Network Topology

In this scenario, the traffic from different network segments will go to FirstSpot® first before reaching the Internet. The hotspot sites can be at different remote locations while FirstSpot® is situated at a centralized location, if the hotspot operators have control over the routing path (e.g. ISP/WISP) or they set up VPN tunnel between the remote hotspot sites and FirstSpot® (see here). A set of presentation slides on implementing this scenario using VPN is available here.

A slight modification to this scenario is to setup the network so that FirstSpot® is bypass for return traffic (FirstSpot® still needs to be in outgoing path of the client). See here for a diagram. Note that you need to turn off NAT within FirstSpot® in this case.

Please note that you need to use the Advanced Edition to take advantage of the Multiple Network Segments feature (see our order page for details)

Usage examples: ISPs/WISPs


Load Balancing with Failover

FirstSpot® Loading Balancing with Failover is an active/active architecture. Both FirstSpots will be active and serving clients at the same time. If one of the FirstSpot fails, the other FirstSpot will assume all workload automatically.

Usage examples: mission critical deployment, site with heavy traffic